Pot of Gold Candle

Quantity: 50
Sale price$1,400.00


Pot of Gold candle is a premium creation, ritually charged, energetically infused, deity blessed, this candle is about getting it by any means necessary, limited only by the user.
Pot of Gold is blended with the energy of luck, good fortune, opulence and lasting wealth. Combined energies of Jupiter, Mars and the Sun add precision and expansion. Plutus/Pluton, Clauneck, Aje, Oya, Lakshmi, Horus, Caishen, Hotei, Fortuna, Laima, Ostara, the muses are all invoked to further power this blend and the energy of Mercury further adds clarity and speed. Several quiet hands of power are also infused.

One of the most dynamic money candles from Magickal Mystic yet, Pot of Gold is the energetic equivalent to striking gold. It’s a by any means wealth candle that brings money quickly!

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