Metatron Candle

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Metatron is the energy of knowledge, embodied knowledge. The secrets of creation and the cycle of the Universe rest within this being. Metatron’s cube of wholeness, solidarity and balance even through states of flux is very powerful and is representative of the womb, making it one of THE most powerful manifestation tools available to man. This candle is charged with the knowledge and how to of creation/manifestation.

Metatron, the energy of pure knowledge, is the embodiment of the secrets of creation, flow and energy itself.

Pro Tip: place your manifestation list under this candle and keep the energy flowing for 8 days in a row to see results. Write out a manifestation list and cut into tiny pieces and sprinkle in your Metatron candles to see more powerful results. The longer you use this candle consistently, the swifter and longer lasting results will be.

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