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Mammon, the personification of wealth and money, is an old god, originally worshipped by the Chaldeans but much older than them. While many consider Mammon the god of greed, he is actually the answer to greed. Mammon does not just give you everything you want, but helps you to clarify your desires, and takes the summoning party deeper into themselves to see what things are necessary for a great life and what things aren’t. He is a guide, similar to a grandfather with wisdom and kindness. He is expansive and gives more opportunities than almost any other wealth deity known to mankind.

Use him in bath, in candles, but for a very personal experience, rub down in the oil before bed to call him up into your dreams and teach you. Make sure to do a skin test first to make sure you can tolerate the oil directly on the skin. Great for diffusers and hair as well. Try working with him for 44 days in a row.


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